teachingLearning is a lifelong process.  It is fun to spend a few hours among friends learning a new skill.  The goal of our classes is to provide opportunities for people to see the potencial of their time.


We hope to offer a variety of low cost, fun, hands-on, night and weekend classes that include

  1. sellable crafts
  2. sewing
  3. child care
  4. electrical
  5. plumbing
  6. basic accounting and money management
  7. swimming lessons
  8. kayaking for beginners
  9. snorkeling for beginners
  10. basic reading
  11. basic math
  12. cooking

We are always looking for people who have a talent that they are willing to share with other.  Let us know if there is something that you can teach or if there is something you would like to learn. 

One of our craft classes teaches how to turn an old t-shirt into a bag.