Our discount shop provides low cost necessities to the community, including food, clothing, toiletries, shoes and school supplies. 


All infant clothes and shoes are $100JA.  Children clothes and shoes are $200JA.  Adult clothes and shoes are $300JA. (this is approximately $1-$3 US)

Most over-the-counter medicines and toiletries are $300 (items such as shampoo, deoderant, tooth paste, pain / fever reducing medicine, cold medicine etc)

This shop is one of our primary income sources and helps support all other aspects of the Bus Stop Mission.  The major operating expense is the cost of inventory and shipping for items sent from the United States, as well as the salary of our employees.  (100% of all money remaining after expenses are paid is used to support the other projects of the Mission)

For people who don't have the money to afford their basic necessities, the Bus Stop Mission offers an alternative to begging.  We offer anyone in need the opportunity to exchange their time for store or program vouchers.  We have a variety of "tasks" that can be done in exchange for voucheres, including;

  1. Sweeping, raking or picking up trash
  2. Working in the vegetable garden
  3. Collecting and cracking almonds from trees on our property
  4. Sorting, washing, mending, ironing or folding clothes for the Discount Shop
  5. Collecting glass bottles that can be recycled and used for crafts
  6. Assisting with the making of meals for our kids lunch program and our wobye meal program  wobye = work for the bread you eat
  7. Mentoring or tutoring a child in the homework help program
  8. Making crafts that will be sold in our shop or to craft vendors around the island
  9. Teaching or assisting with a Saturday or evening class
  10. Assisting with our Saturday youth program or movie night

Each task will be assigned a voucher amount.  No cash is offered.  Voucher amounts for each task will be determined based on a reasonable time expectation for completion of that task.